"Inspiring, Educating and Entertaining the World"
What a delight ! The assembly program given by you recently was just outstanding. From the laughter and the genuine, heartfelt applause, you could tell how much the kids enjoyed it. After speaking to the teachers and the children afterwards, it was well understood that something informative and entertaining took place. In fact, one teacher proclaimed; "That was the best assembly I have been to. He did an excellent job."
-Mr. Stephen L. Townsend
Assistant School Administrator
PleasanTech Academy
"Excellent Assembly. it kept the children's attention. It was captivating and funny and extremely useful and helpful for students and teachers alike."
- Ms. Jeanne Weiss, Teacher
Maude Wilkins Elementary School
Maple Shade, NJ
"It was great and worthwhile. Kids need to hear it."

Ms. Laura Iovine
Guidance Counselor
Avenel Middle School

"Thank you for a wonderful and thought provoking assembly. Both our faculty and kids loved it."

-Ms. Joanna Drechsler
Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Dave gave the students the tools to diffuse."
-Mr. Mark Poiani, Teacher
Fords Middle School
"It was the MOST inspirational speech I've ever heard in a school."
-Mr. Jack Hull, Teacher
Dag Hammajold Middle school
Wallinford, Connecticut
"Dave's program really hit home with our students. I think speakers like Dave really do make a difference in the behaviors of our young people."
-Ms. Mary Tolmie
Lafayette Learning Center
"Dave, We thoroughly enjoyed your program. entertaining, exciting, educational, expertly done; an excellent learning experience for students and teachers."
-William J. Berenbroick
Cliffside Park School No. 5

"Dave Street did one of the best programs we ever had at Huber Street School."

-Mr. Pat Cocucci
Huber Street School, Secaucus

"A great job. Dave delivered an extremely powerful message to our students. He really taught the students how to redirect their thoughts and actions in a positive way."

-Mr. Tom Kersting
Student Assistance Counselor
Bergen County Technical Schools

"Dave Street gives a wonderful presentation to reach at-risk students and help them to recognize their anger and the power they have to change their personal and environmental worlds in a positive light."

-Ms. Karen Vespignani
Alternative Education Association Of New Jersey

"It was great. It was wonderful. Dave had the kids attention in the palm of his hand."

-Ms. Jan Kovacs
7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Holland Township School

"I sincerely believe that Dave's work will have a positive long term effect on the students who experience it."

-Tom Falocco
President 1988-1997
Plainfield Education Association

"Dave's work is incredible. Every student everywhere should see his shows."

-Sally Sharpe
Teacher of the Year 1993-94
Camden City Schools

"As an environmental educator myself, it's refreshing to see someone devoted to presenting informative material in such an entertaining way. Not only was his performance enjoyable, it inspired the students to want to learn more about the environment afterwards."

-Bob Sikora
Education Director
Wildlife Conservatoin Society

"Dave Street really added to our store of knowledge. It was a delight to have him in our school. He certainly is welcome back."

-Ms. Elizabeth Gochman
School 14, Clifton

"...Dave's Weather Show was a hands-on presentation about the nature of the weather. It captured the attention of all the students and earmarked the core curriculum content standards about the weather. It motivated the students to ask intelligent questions afterwards."

-Al Musmanno
Conference Steering Committe Member
New Jersey Science Teachers Association

"Energentic, Inspirational, Informative, Educational. He interacted with the students and kept their attention. I recommend him."

MS. Ruth Jacobson
Taylor Mills School

"Excellent. Students responded with enthusiasm."

-Ms. Betty Thorpe, RN, Health teacher, SAC
Bedminster Township School

"It was Great. Dave's stories really kept the students interest and
attention !"

-Ms. Joanne Travaglini
Bedminster Township School PTO

"It was Excellent. It was very well received by our 7th & 8th grade students. The message was very timely in today's society. It gave the students tools to use to handle anger in any situation."
-Ms. Mary Ann Love
Manasquan Elementary School
"Dear Mr. Street,

Hello ! I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your fabulous character education presentation that you performed at Lindenwold school number five on March 12, 2004. The show was great, and the children integrated immensely"

Ms. Cyndi Gibbons,
School Counselor
Lindenwold School #5
"Excellent program. Dave did a great job connecting with the students."
-Ms. Tricia Haefeli
Belleville Middle School
"Dave Street's Program presents a simple yet revolutionary challenge to all...to convert anger into positive action. Pass it on !!"
-Ms. Marge Redling
Music/Drama Teacher
Visitation Academy
"Dave reached the audience with real life situations that will help them to be positive, productive citizens."
-Mr. Robert Ostrove
Lakewood Middle School
"Dear Dave,

Thank you so very much for your inspirational talk on anger. You kept the sixth grade students, teachers and counselors in rapt attention. You delivered a powerful message on the consequences of acting out your anger and provided a positive outlet for such anger by encouraging all of us to good for others...I know for many of them(the students) you made a difference."

Regina T. Gilbert
West Hempstead Middle School
"We have a challenging population, so I was stunned at how Dave kept their rapt attention the entire time. What a great program!"
Michael-Joseph Mercanti-Anthony
Social Studies Supervisor
Lindenwold Public Schools
"It was a wonderful program."
-Ms. Linda Wilson
Grant School PTO
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
"A super job. He was engaging for the entire presentation.

The students loved it."

Mr. Bob Jack
Ridgefield High School
"Dave's presentation was awesome. He tailor-made a Jersey Shore Ecology program for our school that kept our students interested and wanting more."
-Ms. Leah Fitzpatrick
Oakcrest High School

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