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Dave's programs are part of the New Jersey Character Education Network.



How To RESPECT Each Other And Really Get Along, Control our Emotions, Attract Success
And Make The World A Better Place !

What Respect Really Means !
A New And Wonderful Approach
To Preventing and Managing Anger !

This is an engaging, theatrical presentation that communicates important points, messages and advice about life and school including:

  • What respect really means and how we all want to be respected.

You hit a home run with your character Education assembly. Our students were attentive, engaged and truly inspired by your words. People such as yourself know the meaning of the word “respect”, and how it is very much a part of all aspects of life.

Ms. Denise Llyod, Respect Chairperson
John W. Dodd Middle School, Freeport, NY

  • How easy it is to get along with each other.

“Dave, I just wanted to send a thank you again for a fine presentation. During lunch today, students approached me with their positive views of the presentation.”

Mr. Dave Davenport
Guidance Counselor
Glassboro High School

  • The importance of trust and how to become people that can be trusted.

“A super job. He was engaging for the entire presentation. The students loved it.

Mr. Bob Jack
Ridgefield High School

  • How to handle gossip in a positive way.

“Dave said things that people needed to hear.”

Green Brook Middle School
Green Brook, New Jersey

  • We all have the power to create the kind of successful world we wish to live in.

“Thank you for presenting the Character Education program to the students of Arthur P. Schalick High School. It was worthwhile and informative. The staff and students were impressed with your message.”

Ms. Nancy Schumacher
Vice Principal
Arthur P. Schalick High School
Pittsgrove, New Jersey

  • It's relatively easy to be successful at anything we do if we do it right.

"A great job. Dave delivered an extremely powerful message to our students. He really taught the students how to redirect their thoughts and actions in a positive way."

Mr. Tom Kersting
Student Assistance Counselor
Bergen County Technical Schools

  • We can create a new kind of positive and successful world by becoming people who do good things whenever we get upset or angry.

“Thank you for your inspiring presentation. You provided all of us here at Woodbridge Vo-Tech with new skills and ideas about managing anger and realizing our social potential.”

Mr Anthony Sapio, LSW
School Social Worker/Special-Needs
Woodbridge Vo-Tech

  • Dave uses entertaining theater techniques to communicate important positive messages and educational information to your students.

“I highly recommend Mr. Dave Street’s program. The combination of both theater and education in Dave Street’s program is truly powerful.”

Ms. Christine Grossmann
Substance Awareness Counselor
Keyport High School/Keyport Central School

He's performed at schools and events around the country, on Broadway and has been on national TV.

His combined background in education and entertainment has provided him with a wealth of interesting anecdotes to share with young people.

His sincerity in helping them find positive solutions to the problems of life is immediately clear and helps him to communicate with audiences of all backgrounds. Dave Street is truly the perfect motivational presenter for today's times and today's teenagers !

Dave also has a show just about anger management that he originally developed for middle schools and alternative schools. Although it is similar to Dave’s show about respect, it deals just with anger. For more information about that, click here.



This is an exciting, interactive presentation that covers such topics as how to make good choices, be good citizens, get along with each other, have good teamwork, manager our anger and control our emotions.

Dave's presentation for elementary school students includes stories, practical advice, group discussion, role playing and for younger students awesome character education songs.

"Dear Mr. Street,
I want to thank you for your outstanding presentation. It was enjoyed by the students and even by the staff. It was a presentation that was needed and a perfect culmination of the guidance lessons that we were having over the previous months. The children were attentive and eager to participate in the program.

The best indicator of this success of the program was while speaking to a student in one of our counseling sessions; he remembered what you said to do when you find yourself in trouble. This tells me that he was paying attention and received some useful information that will stay with him.

Once again, thank you and please keep up the good work!"

-Ms. Sofia Rose
School Counselor
Edward W. Kilpatrick School
Paterson, NJ

"Dear Mr. Street,

"Hello ! I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your fabulous character education presentation that you performed at Lindenwold school number five. The show was great, and the children enjoyed it immensely"

Ms. Cyndi Gibbons,
School Counselor
Lindenwold School #5

The Weather Show

The show is a theatrical presentation about the weather. The presentation includes stories, slides, science demonstrations and audience participation, including a question and answer period. Students even come onstage with Dave and 'act out' being a snowstorm and hurricane. The exact topics and format depend on the grade for which it is being given. It can be done as a large group assembly or as an in-class workshop.

Dave Street entertains while he teaches Franklin School children about weather.
Reprinted from the South Plainfield Observer

Dave clearly illustrates why and how clouds form.

  • Dave shows how clouds become storms by showing what happens inside of them and the force that triggers them.
  • Dave illustrates how storms start, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, and what makes them so powerful.
  • Dave also gives your students safety tips of what to do if caught in stormy weather.
For younger students Dave even has cute jingles and rhymes to help them remember to weather facts, such as "No surprises, warm air rises."

For older students, Dave includes sophisticated science information, like the physics of what happens inside of clouds as storms form. Dave believes that future generations can figure out how to stop hurricanes and tornados if they learn enough about the basic science behind these storms now, which is one reason why he does these programs.

"...Dave's Weather Show was a hands on presentation about the nature of the weather. It captured the attention of all the students and earmarked the core curriculum content standards about the weather. It motivated the students to ask intelligent questions afterwards."

Al Musmanno, Conference Steering Committe Member
New Jersey Science Teachers Association

Environmental Show : The Habits that Save Habitats


recycler.gif - 2.3 KThe show is a theatrical presentation about the environment, nature and our human impact on the planet. As the title of the program suggests, Dave illustrates good habits, such as recycling and litter prevention, that help to save the habitats, or homes, of animals and people. Dave has been doing his environmental presentations for over ten years and has been one of the emcees at New York City's environmental festival, EcoFest.

Dave's newest work is about water, especially bays, estuaries and wetlands. Students come onstage and 'become' the food chain in the water, illustrating the relationship between the various creatures living there, such as plankton, horseshoe crabs and migrating birds.

In another segment, students have fun 'role playing' an experiment in sustainable development on an island far away in which they learn about how environmentalists and business people worked together as a team to reduce pollution.

Dave also has a wealth of fascinating stories about nature, such as tales about extinct animals and how chimpanzees helped find medicine in the Rainforest.

All of his environmental programs include slide presentations, such as life in a bay, scenes from inside the Amazon Rainforest, pictures of extinct and endangered animals and an illustration of what happens to litter after we leave it on the ground.

Dave can also demonstrate the science behind recycling and other relevant topics. Dave's shows always include lots of audience participation. For younger audiences, Dave's original songs about water, recycling, animals, litter prevention and trees directly involve the audience 'acting out' the lyrics and as part of telling his stories he often brings audience members onstage to participate with him.

If your school is studying one aspect of the environment, such as the food chain in a bay or the Rainforest, Dave can tailor make a show for your specific needs as well.

"As an environmental educator myself, it's refreshing to see someone devoted to presenting informative material in such an entertaining way. Not only was his performance enjoyable, it inspired the students to want to learn more about the environment afterwards."

-Bob Sikora
Education Director
Wildlife Conservatoin Society

"Dave Street really added to our store of knowledge. It was a delight to have him in our school. He certainly is welcome back."

-Ms. Elizabeth Gochman
School 14, Clifton

For more information about Dave's environmental shows, click here.

(All programs are available as full length assemblies or hands-on workshops.)

recycler.gif - 2.3 KNew Jersey Clean Communities Programs

Aside from Dave's general shows, he has specific presentations that are part of the New Jersey Clean Communities program. These shows have a specific focus on litter prevention. Dave's programs are on the state-approved list. His work has been recognized by the New Jersey Conference of Mayors and it was additionally praised by the New Jersey Sate Senate when he was honored by his state legislature.

Clean Communities Coordinators- If you are a clean communities coordinator in the State of New Jersey, Dave's programs can help you fulfill the educational components of your local or county programs.

SCHOOL PROGRAMS-Dave has tailor made presentations for elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. These programs are grade appropriate, including fun songs for the younger students and more sophisticated science material for the older grades.

They include a visually striking slide presentation of how litter goes down into storm drains and gets into our water. Dave took his camera around the state and has many pictures of litter and how it detracts from the beauty and health of our communities, as well as posing a threat to animals. Dave also shows how recycling and reusing are great alternatives to littering.

OUTDOOR AND COMMUNITY EVENTS- Dave has also performed at many outdoor events, and has a great Clean Communities presentation perfect for your Community Day, summer camp programs or special events or festivals.

SENIOR CITIZEN CENTERS- Dave even offers an entertaining programs for your senior citizens, in which he illustrates how one of the best gifts they can leave their grandchildren is the gift of a clean and healthy world.

LIBRARY SHOW- Dave has a great new library show for younger grades called; "How The Land Of Litter Became The Kingdom of Clean". It will soon be available as a children's book as well.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS FOR AT-RISK TEENAGERS AND ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS - Dave has expanded the boundaries of Clean Communities education by pioneering new programs for audiences previously left out. The focus of these programs is to inspire these young people to realize that by not littering and recycling they can start to create a clean, healthy future for themselves as good citizens ! The New Jersey State Senate, in honoring Dave for his overall work, also specifically acknowledged Dave's leadership in "helping to expand the boundaries of the New Jersey Clean Communities Program..."

If you are a Clean Communities Coordinator, simply contact Dave and he can help you set up these programs in your schools or at your events.

If you are a school in New Jersey and wish to have Dave's show at your local schools, Dave will try to help connect you to your local Clean Communities coordinator.

"Dave's presentation was awesome. He tailor-made a (Clean Communities) Jersey Shore Ecology program for our school that kept our students interested and wanting more."

-Ms. Leah Fitzpatrick
Oakcrest High School




This means New Jersey teachers can receive credit towards their requirement of one hundred professional hours by participating in the appropriate programs.

Achieving Excellence In The Classroom

This is a lively presentation that affirms the importance of teachers and explores different ways to increase excellence in teaching. Accompanied by a visually entertaining power point presentation, Dave interacts with teachers and offers tips on various teaching methods, ways to motivate students and ideas for building trust with a class.

He discusses different strategies for reaching students in the same classroom who are at different learning levels as well as ideas for organizing paperwork to make a teaching schedule more efficient.

At one recent presentation, a teacher came ver and told Dave; "I wish it didn't have to end. I could've listened to it another period.!

Overcoming Student Baggage

This is an exciting presentation by Dave Street that illustrates ways for teachers to overcome student baggage and create a healthy teaching environment.

The presentation identifies specific types of baggage that students bring to school and into the classroom, such as problems at home and negative cultural influences such as violent video games, etc.Dave then helps teachers to identify real practical strategies to overcome this baggage and create a healthy teaching environment that helps teachers to continuously reach their students in the ways they wish to.

It includes a theatrical presentation and some audience interaction. Dave also provides handouts for teachers.

How to Reduce Stress, Avoid Anger and Create Wellness on the Job and in Our Lives

This presentation, which can be tailor made for any group, clearly illustrates the little things we can do to put the odds in our favor to reduce stress, avoid anger and create an environment of "wellness" in our jobs, our families and our lives.

Dave shows how to arrange the classroom and schedule the day in a way that promotes a stress free, harmonious atmosphere. He illustrates the things that build character, create good will in a school and promote high standards of learning and cooperation and communicates the importance of stress reducing techniques and the little things that make life and the job more enjoyable.

The Environment And You*

Dave shows how our daily habits affect both our local and global environment. Again, Dave offers teachers lessons plans and practical ideas for classroom application.

* This program also reinforces the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Stands for the Appropriate Subject.

Programs for Parents


The focus of this program is on doing little things to better reach your kids and have a happy, successful family. Dave offers practical tips and strategies for doing this as well as ideas for structuring the week to make sure you include quality time with your kids.

Dave also shares with parents what he's learned from the students he's met around the country and their concerns about family life. A former stand-up comic, Dave also jokes with the parents and at one gathering even got them to "role play" being their kids. This program is educational and entertaining with valuable advice !

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