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Dave has two exciting updates in his life.

He recently became executive director of D STREET OUTREACH PROGRAMS INC. and director of its special project "The Good, the Cool and The Angry", which is an online and traveling anger management advice clinic for angry teenagers and young people. (In the future check this out at D STREET OUTREACH PROGRAMS.ORG).

He also has an exciting children's book coming out in the future titled "How The Land of Litter Became the Kingdom Of Clean." Look out for it!

Dave Street honored by the New Jersey Senate

Here, Dave receives his honor from the Senate leaders of both political parties, (L) Senator Richard J. Cody(D-District 27), (C)Dave Street and (R) Senator John O. Bennett(R-District 12).

Dave Street has been officially honored by the New Jersey State Legislature for his work.

The resolution, which was sponsored by Senator John Lynch(D-Middlesex) and Senator John Bennett(R-Monmouth), begins; "WHEREAS Dave Street,a highly esteemed member of the Garden State Community, is being honored in acknowledgement of his outstanding leadership, exemplary service, and significant contributions within the educational community and New jersey's community-at-large throughout the many years..."

It continues; "WHEREAS Dave Street has developed and implemented myriad educational programs on managing anger, making positive choices, the environment, recycling, litter prevention, and individual responsibility, which have been presented to more than thirty thousand students, teachers, and administrators" ....

The resolution also lists a number of Dave's accomplishments, such as "helping to expand the boundaries of the New Jersey Clean Communities Program through his creation of special presentations for at-risk youth, senior citizens, and people in need" as well as being chosen as a performing artist-in-residence at the Hackensack Meadowlands Development

Commission's Environment Center and being appointed to the New Jersey Conference of Mayor's Special Task Force on School Violence..."

The resolution culminates; "Be It Resolved By the Senate of the State of New Jersey: That this House hereby honors Dave Street... and extends to him this Legislature's sincere best wishes for his continued happiness and success."

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