"Inspiring, Educating and Entertaining the World"

The Book That's Helping Make the World
and Society a Better Place

Anyone who has ever had a problem with anger or controlling emotions should definitely read this book!

  • Introduction - Why this Book is Necessary What a Wonderful World it Could Be

  • Chapter 1 - The Roots of Anger The Causes and Effects of Much of the Worlds Anger, Some Reasons Why People Get Angry, Personal Anger, Political Reasons, Globally, The Effects of Anger, Anger at the Workplace, Compounded Anger, Anger, Anger, Everywhere

    This book is short enough to read, even if you don't have time, but long enough to include all the information you need

  • Chapter 2 - We Don't Get Over It Anger Transferred Throughout History, Historical Anger Combined with Every Day Anger

  • Chapter 3 - Utilizing Anger to Create Success and What to Do When We Get Angry What to Do Immediately When We Get Angry - Don't Make it Worse, Turning Anger into Success, How it Creates Success, Math and Science, The Need to Tell, We Are Not Our Feelings

  • Addendum #1 Helping the World to See
  • Addendum #2 Our Own Personal List

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